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Let our recovery Comedians help you heal through the best medicine of laughter. When you begin to laugh you begin to heal. Recovery Comedy Comedians are available for your next big event no matter how big or small. Contact us today!dicine of laughter.

Let our recovery Comedians help you heal through the best medicine of laughter.
When you begin to laugh you begin to heal. Recovery Comedy Comedians are available for your next big event no matter how big or small. Contact us today!

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Keith Godwin

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Recovery Comics' mission is to spread the healing power of laughter to all those in need. We are your premiere group of Recovery Comics and we are available for all your recovery comedy needs. Whether you represent a local recovery facility or a national recovery convention no event is too big or too small. We have packages to cater to groups of all sizes. We have some of the best recovery comedic talent in the industry and we are here for you to help you succeed with planning the entertainment for your next recovery event.



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Rich Vos on Def Comedy Jam April Brucker on Rachel Ray Keith Godwin Phoenix House Benefit  


About Rich Vos - Rich is an incredibly gifted comic who not only has sharp, insightful material, but he is also a master at working the crowd.  His ability to perform in front of any audience has landed him television shows as varied as being the first white comic on Def Jam to performing on the View.  Rich was the breakout star of NBC's Last Comic Standing seasons 1 and 3, was a regular guest on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn and wrote for Chris Rock when he hosted The Academy Awards in 2005. He is a regular guest on the Joy Behar show.  He also played Lenny Bruce on NBC..s American Dreams and is a regular on the Opie and Anthony radio show.  He has two Comedy Central Presents, also the Tough Crowd special and will be appearing on a new Comedy Central Special in the fall. His first CD is I'm Killing Here, followed by Live in Philly. With Rich Vos you will never see the same show twice.  Rich has been clean for over 25 years and he has  performed with comics anonymous on Comedy Central.edy central

About April Brucker - April is coming up on four years clean and sober from alcohol, drugs, and food. Does she enjoy life in recovery? Oh yes. However, things are trippy as ever because April is a professional ventriloquist. That's right, not only did comedy help April get through an addiction as well as an abusive relationship, but it also keeps life interesting. Who needs a controlled substance when you can talk to puppets all day? April has been featured on radio, television, film and stage. Some of her credits include "Last Comic Standing", "NBC’s the West Wing", "Rachel Ray" as well as  a show seen in 36 countries which she hosts, writes, and produces "Storytime With April and Friends."


About Keith Godwin - Keith Godwin aka Just Plain Keith joined the Marine Corp in 1986 with a Masters in partying and came out with a doctorate. In 1990 Keith landed a prestigious job at a five star hotel in Manhattan, NY providing security to top celebrities, athletes and politicians. His partying lifestyle progressed until being an addict became his full time job. Keith went into treatment with the thought “I just want to drink but not do drugs”. It didn’t work. Then after losing an arm, being stabbed right below the heart and many other drugalogues due to his addiction he finally went to get help. This time Keith went with an open mind and willingness to learn. Since getting clean Keith’s life has done a complete 180 degree turn. He’s once again gainfully employed working with veterans in recovery. He’s completed school and now has his CASAC (Certified Alcohol Substance Abuse Counselor). .

Keith credits humor and comedy with being the main reason he has been able to remain clean and sober for the past 6+ years. He currently teaches humor therapy, he belongs to the AATH (Applied Association for Therapeutic Humor) and does recovery comedy shows in places such as CK Post, Phoenix House, Talbot House, VA Hospitals and several 12 Step Conventions and private functions.

The motto Keith bases his life on is “God allow me to laugh again but don’t let me forget what made me cry”

See Keith's article in "Time to Play"

This website is dedicated to the memory of one of the best recovery comics
in history Mike DeStefano. It was my pleasure to work with you and you were
 a great influence in helping with my  project.

You will be missed by all.

-Keith Godwin

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